Care Instructions

Polymer clay¬†earrings are very¬†durable, but you still want to be careful with them! ¬†Treat these earrings the same way you would any of your fine¬†jewelry. ¬†A few simple reminders, earrings are meant to be showed off to all your friends at fancy dinner parties,¬†breweries, or most other social situations. ¬†Avoid showering and swimming in your earrings and make sure you take them off before sleeping!ÔĽŅ

Don’t be a lunatic when choosing a place to store your Clay+Cause pieces.  Avoid a spot where they might get smooshed, smashed, or squeezed between heavy items!  Make sure this is a clean, dry location that doesn't get blasted by the sun or any extreme temperature.  Don’t go trying to see how far they bend...they are flexible but they are not a toy! 

Try your hardest not to touch your earrings too much.  If you find they are getting a little dirty, don’t worry!  They are extremely easy to clean.  You can use any sort of soft cleansing cloth to gently buff the piece until clean.  For the post, sanitize as you would any other earring.